GOBI Replika
     Our adventure with schnauzers began in 1997 when we moved to a new home. Together with us lived there two black giants, the sisters of one litter - GOBI and GLORIA Replica. Although they were pedigree females have never been exhibited but they proved to be great our guardian and defenders. ERIDIANA Brodaty Wagabunda
     In the same year in our house came also a black and gray furry ball - Eridania Brodaty Wagabunda. 'ERI' quite late started her show career because at the age of fifteen months. However in a short time she finished Polish Champion Title. Although Eri wasn't our first schnauzer she is the founder of our kennel because she was first our female who was born puppies with the nickname 'Czarne Diamenty. She brought up four wonderful litters of puppies. XAVERA Brodaty Wagabunda
     At the end of February 1999 in our house came to a small black hurricane - Xavera Brodaty Wagabunda. 'Tara' debut at the show at the age of six months and two days. Quickly became Polish Junior Champion and Polish Champion. In the meantime passed the exams PT-I, IPO IPO-I and-II. TARA brought up two litters of beautiful puppies. ZETA-JONES Hermes
     In early June 2003 came to us another black ball, this time miniature - ZETA-JONES Hermes. In his career he enjoyed many great successes. 'ZETA' brought up two beautiful litters of puppies that have achieved a significant victory at the shows! ANDROMEDA Modus Vivendi
     In middle February 2005 we brought from the kennel Modus Vivendi black giants Andromeda. 'RIMA' is a fun, home companion, and provides us with many moments of joy;-)
     In January 2009 lived with us two great temperamental black giants - NINA RICHIE and NATALIE z Tartaku which perfectly embody the role of our guardian;-)
     In the first weekend in June came to us the long-awaited black miniature ULLANA Hermes. 'LANA' is the granddaughter of our Zeta-Jones Hermes. She has great character and we hope to grow up to be just as beautiful and wise female as her grandmother.
     Currently, our little flock consists of five girls, -)