On today's show in covered with snow Czestochowa our ULLANA Hermes debut in puppy class.
  Although not very favorable aura LANA presented very nicely and got very promising note and
  BOB Puppy

  ULLANA Hermes - baby class - very promising, BOB Baby


                                                                            photo by Marek .

  Today, in the pouring rain, in the show ring debut our black miniature ULLANA Hermes. LANA
  shown in baby class got very promising note and BOB Baby !!! In the afternoon finals, even more rain,
  LANA qualified for the final nine BIS Baby :-)

  In the first weekend in June. came to us, the long-awaited, black miniature ULLANA Hermes.
  'LANA' is the granddaughter of our Zeta-Jones Hermes. She has great character and we hope to grow
  up to be just as beautiful and wise female at her grandmother.